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Arquilimpa headquarters is in São Miguel Island but the company is also in all the remaining 8 islands of the Azores, for over 20 years, being part of a Group that also includes the firm Açorlimpa, in the same sector of activity. The company essentially operates in two distinct business areas: hygiene and cleaning services and distribution of resale and direct sales products.
Naturally, over the years we have accumulated vast experience with different types of clients - public, private, institutional. Thus, as the customer base grew, so did our team of professionals and, in turn, the quality of the services provided.
Our experience, combined with the constant concern with the quality of the service provided, attention to the smallest detail and the search for new cleaning and organization methods and solutions, gives us confidence to face any challenge in our field of activity and the guarantee of successful performance.
Essentially, we provide services in the field of cleaning buildings, offices, hotels, clinics, educational establishments, industrial units, supermarkets, churches and other places of worship, in all the islands of the Azores Archipelago. In addition, we also have a distribution area for the resale of cleaning, hygiene and comfort items, plastics, detergents and other chemicals, on São Miguel Island.
In order to always deliver the highest quality service to its customers, Arquilimpa has established and maintained several partnerships throughout its 20 years of existence. Among them: Mistolin, Quimxel, Falgi, Quimitécnica and Visipapel.
Our mission is the total satisfaction of our customers' needs. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable company, look for Arquilimpa. We are at your disposal for whatever you need. Contact us and ask us for a quote, without commitment.

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